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Divorce is one of life's most challenging events. How you divorce will have far-reaching consequences for you and your children. Moving forward in life with as little resentment as possible is essential to your future well-being and that of your kids. Fortunately for those faced with becoming unmarried, the Collaborative divorce process offers a dignified way to divorce emphasizing integrity, values, and privacy.


Traditional divorce, with its focus on past events, encourages discussion of past events and positional thinking. The threat of going to court increases fear, anxiety, and defensiveness. Solutions are limited and those most directly involved, you and your children, have little control over either the process or outcome.


The good news is that there are other options. Collaborative divorce focuses on the future and promotes solutions that serve the interests of parents and children alike. Fixed-fee services provide expert document drafting and filing for those who have been able to reach agreements on their own.


What is Collaborative Divorce?


Collaborative divorce is about healing. It is a no court process providing couples the opportunity to resolve their differences with cooperation and respect and to effectively co-parent their children.


Each party hires a Collaboratively-trained attorney to provide legal advice throughout the process. However, divorce is not just a legal event. The well-being of their children and financial security are areas of concern to most divorcing couples. In the Collaborative process, a neutral child specialist, neutral divorce coach and/or a neutral financial specialist may be used to assist the parties in reaching child-centered, interest-based agreements about their family’s future.


The Collaborative professionals listen to both parties and try to provide a safe environment in which the couple can have the conversations necessary to create agreements that address their most significant concerns, including the building of a respectful and effective co-parenting relationship.


Collaborative divorce uses the following principles while working toward settlement:


• Honesty (full and complete disclosure of all assets, debts and income)

• Satisfying the interests of both parties

• Cooperation

• Integrity

• Professionalism

• Dignity

• Respect

Advantages of collaborative process over other divorce processes include:


• Children benefit from parenting plans focused on their best interests.

• No decisions are made without both parties' approval.

• Settlement conferences replace court appearances.

• Increased opportunity for creative solutions.

• Parties have ownership in the agreements reached.

• Parties maintain control of timing, cost, and outcome.


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